Appletree Corner Daycare & Pre-school, Lincolnshire.

The 'Appletree Corner Nursery Team' are committed to working with parents and families in our local community providing fun, stimulating and high quality care for our young developing children.  Our aim is to ensure that the children in our care grow and develop from young 'Seedlings' into blossoming young children ready for their journey into the wider education community.


The 'Appletree Corner Nursery Team' provides quality day care and pre-school education for babies and children from 3 months - 5 years within our bespoke setting situated in the village of Witham St Hughs.

We aim to support your child's early years development following the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' framework. Your child will benefit from our staff's experience and educational training.


Please see relevant information on the future development of Appletree Corner Daycare & Pre-school and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.