A typical day at Appletree Corner Daycare & Pre-school

A daily routine gives children a sense of security. This is why we ensure each day is properly structured while leaving enough time for spontaneous activities. We offer free flow throughout the day so children can access the outdoor provision.  

The daily routine at a glance

Time Routine Guidelines for all rooms
7:30 am  Arrival and Breakfast Time
8:00 am  Free-flow 
9:00 am Circle time, Singing and Story Time 
10:00 am Snack time 
10:30 am Free-flow and Planned Activities 
11:30 am Singing and Story time 
12:00 am  Lunch Time 
1:00 pm Afternoon Session Starts 
2:00 pm Snack 
2:30 pm Free-flow and Planned Activities 
3:30 pm Singing and Story Time 
4:00 pm Tea Time 
4:30 pm Free-flow 
6:00 pm  Home Time