We are there for your child and you

Our work has one clear focus: your child's individual needs. In order for us to support your child's development in the best possible way, we employ people with different educational training backgrounds. They all regularly attend further training courses, which enable them to bring new ideas and proposals to their daily work place - ideas that will also benefit your child! We aim to have every member of staff trained in Paediatric First Aid or as soon as a course is available to do so.




Sendco Designated Lead (LAC) Child Protection Officer

Emma Cothill

Head of Appletree Corner Daycare & Pre school


For the past 21 years I have worked in the childcare sector looking after children of various ages.  My qualification in HNC child and youth studies, which was completed in Inverness, opened the door to my desire to work in the childcare environment.  Travelling with my husband and two children, including an extended period in the USA, has not only enriched my knowledge in the field of childcare, but it has also broadened my understanding on how to encourage children to thrive in a stimulating, fun, and safe environment.  I am now looking forward to sharing these experiences with all the children, parents and staff that join my new purpose built provision.





Tuesday EYTS 3rd in charge SENCo

I have recently completed my Early Years Teacher Status.  I love working with all children within the nursery and throughout the foundation years. I also have a son and we love to do fun activities indoors and out with our spare time. 

Jemma Level 3 practitioner

Hello my name is Jemma.  I’m a fully qualified Level 3 Childcare Practitioner. I have many years experience of working within the Childcare profession. I have worked in several Nurseries, gaining experience in working with different age groups from Babies to Toddlers and Early Years to Pre-school.  I have also had the amazing opportunity to experience working as a Nanny for a lovely Swiss family with three young boys in Switzerland. This was a great experience for me, I gained so much experience and also had the chance to improve on my French, learn to Snowboard, and met some amazing people from all over the world. I look forward to sharing my experiences with your child.

Bethany Level 3 Room leader 'Seedlings' room

I am the room leader within the Seedlings room.  I am level 3 qualified in Childcare & Education and have had 8 years experience with age's birth to five years.  Being a key person is rewarding, watching children grow and develop through nursery and being part of their journey.

Natasha Level 3 practitioner 'Seedlings' room

I work in the Seedlings room part time.  I hold a level 3 qualification in Childcare & Education and have worked in a nursery setting for the last 7 years.  I look forward to being able to watch your child develop their skills throughout their exciting nursery journey.

Vicky Level 6 practitioner 'Seedlings' room

I am level 6 qualified and love working with all ages of children. I love to watch the children grow, develop and learn new things. 

Beth Level 3 Room Leader 'Saplings' practitioner

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Jade Level 3 'Saplings' room

I am Jade and I am level 3 qualified.  I work in the 'Saplings' room

Laura Level 3 'Saplings' room

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Chloe Apprentice 'Saplings' room

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Sophie Apprentice 'Saplings' room

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Kirsty Level 3 'Blossoms' Room leader

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Katrina Level 6 'Blossoms' Room

I have recently completed my Early Childhood studies at Bishop Grosseteste.  I have worked as a nursery practiotioner for 7 years and enjoyed every minute.  I have worked within all age groups and previously been supervisor in the Toddler room for 5 years.  This year I moved to Lincoln and began Appletree Corneer in April 2017.  Whils't I am studying I hope to bring ideas in to the setting to help myself and share with other practitioners.

Alisha Level 3 'Blossoms'

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Chelsie Apprentice 'Blossoms'

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Emily EYTS Practitioner 'Apples' room leader

I am a level 3 nursery practitioner at Appletree Corner and I am currently in the 'Seedlings' room.  I previously worked as a dance teacher for young children. I have worked throughout the nursery and love getting to know all of the children in my care. 

Amy Level 3 'Apples' room

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Vicky Level 3 'Apples' room

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Hallie Level 3 'Apples' room

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