Appletree Corner Daycare & Pre-school Ethos.

At Appletree Corner Daycare & Pre-school, we have a good understanding of children's lives and their social contexts, basing our teaching around them. Supporting and encouraging personal development, autonomy and creativity are top priorities for us. Developing social interaction and understanding differences in others also plays an important role in our work. We also support you, the parent, in bringing up your child.



Explore! Create! Discover!


  • We explore the world around us.  We emphasize the importance of outdoor play by offering free flow for all age groups.



  • We inspire creative and independent thinking through our open ended play activities and by listening to our children's ideas.



  • We give children opportunities to follow their fascinations and discover their capabilities by planning their learning journey with them. 


We achieve our aims by:

  • Creating an atmosphere of fun and friendship for everyone, adults and children alike.
  • Celebrating the unique characters of our children and embracing their different interests.
  • Developing high self esteem.
  • Offering diverse opportunities for children to develop their gross and fine physical skills.
  • Providing a secure and stimulating environment so that all children have the confidence to develop and practice their language skills.
  • Building strong links with the community.
  • Ensuring families are involved in all aspects of the Daycare & Pre-school.



Due to Covid our viewings have unfortunately changed.  We are still offering this service, however, they are from the garden area.